Scientific Name: Morus spp.
Family: Moraceae
Common Name: red mulberry, black mulberry, white mulberry

Mulberry is fast growing, cold hardy, and drought tolerant – has red, black, green or white fruit.  Easy to grow from a broken off branch, it offers an excellent alternative to blackberries – out-of-hand or used in baking.  The stem of each berry needs to be cut off (scissors) or will break off easily if the fruit is frozen for a short time.  Be careful … the dark colored berries stain – clothes, shoes and driveways!  Except for the ever-bearing variety, it has a short season – April.

Red mulberry (Moris rubra) is a native and has red or black fruit of good quality.
Black mulberry (Moris nigra) has a fruit of exceptional quality.
White mulberry (Moris alba) can bear black, purple, or white fruit. – (Invasive Exotic)

A number of excellent mulberry cultivars are well suited for cultivation in Florida.
Tice, Pakistan, Tehama, King White Pakistan, Shangre-La, Bachus Noir, Red Gelato, Black Persian, Illinois Everbering, and White Dove all make the list.

If you’re interested in cultivating mulberries, there are members in the club with the needed experience and fruit bearing trees in their yard.  Just ask a member for some advice.

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For more information about cultivating mulberries download the Mulberry PDF provided by the University of Florida IFAS Extension Electronic Data Information Source (EDIS). Or you can visit the EDIS mulberry page.